Lemonade Day Prepares Manchester Students for Entrepreneurship

The Manchester Chamber of Commerce is proud to spearhead Lemonade Day in Manchester. We were the second community in Tennessee to host this global youth entrepreneurship program. Through it, fourth-grade students are taught how to run a business through the experience of operating a lemonade stand. 

This incredible event is sponsored by local businesses and paves the way for students to learn about business ownership and financial management.

Lemonade Day Manchester: How It Works

smiling crowd at Lemonade DayStudents in the fourth grade sign up to participate. They create a business plan, market their product, and determine how much to charge per cup of lemonade to make a profit. Teachers guide students through the program’s workbook and generate discussions and ideas. Students and the community enjoy the program so thoroughly that in 2023, we had a waiting list of businesses wishing to participate. 

“Communities that host Lemonade Day programs are making a difference in a positive, meaningful way: they are demonstrating their commitment to bettering people, society and the economy by supporting youth entrepreneurship,” states Lemonade Day National Director Debbie Nazarian.