More Manchester. More Business Support.

Manchester is the best place to do business in the Nashville region, and here’s why:

  • Manchester has 5 interstate exits - something few communities have
  • I-24, Highway 55, Highway 41 and Highway 53 meet in Manchester, Tennessee
  • Businesses have rail access in Manchester
  • We are adjacent to Arnold AFB
  • Bus service takes people from Manchester to Nashville
  • Over 80% of the U.S. population is within a day’s drive of Manchester, Tennessee
  • Local workforce programs support manufacturing and the trades
  • Our population has grown by 20%
  • We are next in line for growth coming out of the Nashville region
  • Light regulation - no red tape!

man cutting a prickly pear cactus in front of spices in his storeIn addition to our many location benefits, it also costs less to do business in Manchester. Commercial sites for development, leases, and homeownership are all more affordable than Nashville and nearby Murfreesboro.

Plus, in Manchester, businesses are recognized as contributing to our success. There is a lot of community support for businesses of all sizes. And, the Manchester Chamber of Commerce provides assistance, guidance and networking opportunities. The GMED can help you to find a site for your business or expand the one you have. Contact us for help today.