87 Park Tower Rd • Manchester, TN 37355
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Viam is a robotics platform that makes it easy to turn great ideas into production robots. Founded in 2020 by Eliot Horowitz, Viam is headquartered in New York City. Previously, Horowitz co-founded MongoDB where he wrote the core code base for the pioneering database and led the engineering and product teams for 13 years as CTO.

Viam makes the software side of robotics more flexible, affordable and easy to use so that builders can do more with robots while getting them to market faster. Viam lets users configure & build, code, manage & scale, and do more with their robotics fleets in the cloud all from a single platform. By making robotics more accessible, Viam is attracting talent and investment to the industry so that more people start working with robots to build products and services that improve our world.

Viam works with any hardware and has a modern architecture, easy developer APIs, cloud connectivity and tools, and enterprise-grade security to give even the leanest teams the power to launch and scale a successful robotics business.